In 2018, embrace the Canadian winter and let Bonhomme Carnaval turn our coldest days into heartwarming weeks of fun! Our good Bonhomme is eager to see you at the Quebec Winter Carnival from January 26

to February 11. Enjoy a break from the dreary grays of the cold season in Quebec City, one of the country’s most beautiful towns!

For two weeks, the whole city turns into a winter wonderland for families and adventurous travellers alike. At the heart of it all stands the Ice Palace, a real castle made entirely of ice. Come marvel at the work of talented ice sculptors as you walk through this unique, breathtaking structure.

For our artists, ice is a tool — for our canoe racers, it’s a playground! At the Canoe Race, dozens of teams scramble across the Saint-Lawrence River back and forth over water and ice floes alike.

On your way back, music, dance, food and drink await you at Jos’ Camp, where Canadian tradition meets contemporary fun. There’s no better place to hang out before heading over to the Night Parade, a long-standing tradition featuring costumed performers, music bands and delightfully artistic floats.

The fun begins with the Crowning of the Queen, where we honor our Duchesses, seven young entrepreneurs trusted with fundraising activities that support local charities.

Come check out the 64th Quebec Winter Carnival for a magical experience in one of Canada’s prime tourist destinations!