f you travel several times a year, an annual travel medical plan may be a smart purchase. It protects you from unforeseen emergency medical costs while away and provides you with peace of mind all year long.

Here are five additional reasons to consider a CAA Annual Travel Medical Plan this season and beyond.

1. Annual Coverage is More Economical.

Everyone loves saving money and obtaining an annual travel medical insurance plan is a smart move for your budget. For travellers that go on more than one international trip per year and several cross-border road trips or excursions in other provinces, this plan is worthwhile. For travel within Canada you will be covered for unlimited trips and trip lengths during your 365-day plan period. For unlimited trips outside of Canada, simply select an option that works best for you — such as 4, 8, 15 or 30-day plans. For any given trip, you can always increase your plan to cover extra days by topping up.

2. Discover More Provinces and Territories.

The holiday travel season is the perfect time to explore the West Coast, the Atlantic Region, or the Prairie provinces. But did you know that there are several health services not covered once you leave the province? For instance, outside of Ontario, OHIP won’t cover your ambulance service or the cost of getting your vehicle home from a road trip. But with the CAA Annual Travel Medical Plan1 you can continue your adventures worry-free with your multi-trip coverage insurance including emergency medical care up to $5 million CAD, emergency evacuation, family transportation, ambulance, return of a vehicle, and pet return and kennel costs.

3. Easy and Worry-Free.

Sign up once for the annual plan and then simply enjoy exploring without worrying about getting new insurance for each trip. You will also have access to CAA Assistance2, CAA Travel Insurance’s toll-free phone service, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week should you need assistance during your travels.

4. Remain Insured Across the Border.

With an annual plan, you can cross the border worry-free knowing you are covered. Instead of buying a policy for each trip the annual plan is a cost-effective way to keep you and your loved ones safely covered while travelling outside of Canada.

5. An Ideal Plan for Business Travellers.

If work takes you outside of Ontario frequently, the CAA Multi-Trip Annual Medical Plan is perfect. If lost luggage or flight delays are concerns, the CAA Multi-Tip Annual Vacation Package Plan1 will add extra security for peace of mind. The Vacation Package Plan not only includes all the same medical coverage as the Multi Tip Annual Medical Plan, it also includes cancellation or interruption coverage, damaged or lost luggage, and flight and travel accident coverage.

For more information or a free quote, visit coveredwithCAA.com or call 1-833-699-9763.



1 CAA Travel Insurance is underwritten by Orion Travel Insurance Company. Certain exclusions, limitations and restrictions apply. Subject to change without notice. A Medical Questionnaire may be required to purchase travel insurance. Quotes are valid for 30 days.

2 CAA Assistance is provided by Active Care Management Inc.