Travel Insurance Plans What’s the Difference?

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No one ever expects to need emergency medical care while on vacation. Happily, most Canadians play it safe by ensuring they have travel insurance before they leave home. But with employer group benefits, credit card coverage and private plans, it’s become confusing to know which plan covers what. So do your research before your next getaway.

Employee Plans
Benefits packages that offer travel medical insurance are great workplace perks. Yet these plans rarely cover up front expenses — meaning you pay emergency medical fees yourself, submit the bills to OHIP, and embark on a lengthy claims process for reimbursement. Many benefits policies have limits and might not include preexisting conditions. Be sure to read your policy carefully to understand its stability requirement, exclusions and terms and conditions.

Credit Card Plans
Credit cards that include travel insurance seem to be an alternative way to ensure you’re prepared for anything. However, many credit card plans are designed for all-purpose protection — meaning the coverage you get is not necessarily the coverage you want or need. Also, your eligibility may depend on your age and the length of your trip. Plus, you may only be covered if you paid for your trip using that card.

Private Plans
Different travellers have different coverage needs. That’s why private insurance plans, such as those provided by CAA Travel Insurance, go beyond one-size-fits-all coverage. Instead, these plans are tailored to your specific travel needs, medical status and history. There are single-trip plans and even economical multi-trip plans, which are great for the frequent traveller and snowbirds. CAA’s medical plans also cover most pre-existing conditions if stability criteria are met. And when possible, medical expenses are paid upfront by the insurance company.

So know before you go. Be sure you understand all of the terms and conditions for whatever type of travel insurance you’re considering. It will go a long way towards ensuring that your trip is filled with happy memories!

If you get a major injury while travelling and need to be transported home, CAA Travel Insurance includes a benefit in all travel medical insurance plans to get you back home safely with an air ambulance, if a commercial flight is not an option. The private chartered plane has room for a stretcher and comes with a medical team to accompany the patient all the way home. “We make sure our clients and our Members receive first-class care… It’s a VIP Member experience providing the best quality of service and safety,” says matthew turack, caa division president insurance.”

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