Our Story By Adrian Jaques

Here at Sunshine Farms, we are all about good old fashioned Pickles, and honest sustainable farming. We guarantee a wholesome All- Canadian product, homegrown and produced straight from our fields or our neighbours’. We guarantee a fresh local and naturally delicious experience with every product.

Growing asparagus since 1982, the Jaques family farm began with the creativity of my mother Claudia’s recipe for pickled asparagus. Our whole family loved the recipe so much that we started giving it to neighbours and friends. From there we figured out that we had a business and it has been blossoming ever since.

I have since taken over the family operation with my parents still around to help and my brothers lending a helping hand, we now offer over 30 different products available throughout most of Canada. These include both conventional and certified organic products with spicy and non spicy options. We use no chemical preservatives, fillers, colours or additives. A number of customers tell us that “They’re just like Grandma used to make.” We adhere to the highest food safety standards to keep our products safe for all of our customers.

With a little taste of Sunshine in each product we guarantee you’ll be coming back for more. But don’t take our word for it, try a jar today!