St.Maarten A Small Island with a Big Personality

A Small Island with a Big Personality

Situated in tranquil waters where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, lies a convergence of cultures and beauty unlike any other. Often referred to as a small island with big personality, the physical beauty of St. Maarten is unquestionable, but its true vibrancy is found in its people, a melting pot of 120 different nationalities and over 80 languages. Plus, this idyllic destination is easily reached as Sunwing offers vacations regular flights St. Maarten from Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver, allowing avid beachgoers to start their tropical getaway as soon as possible.

Known as the ‘Friendly Island’, St. Maarten is divided amicably between France and Holland with the southern half governed by the Dutch. This side of the island blends a very casual and laid-back vibe with a rich Afro-Caribbean heritage to create a unique character, where fun and grace live harmoniously.

Foodies will delight in the fact that St. Maarten is the ‘Gastronomic Capital of the Caribbean,’ offering inspired world-class cuisine strewn across the island. Much like its people, the food benefits from the collision of influences as sweet and spicy Afro-Caribbean flavours combine effortlessly with sophisticated world-wide recipes. Whether it’s simple, traditional beach fare or creative haute-cuisine experiences, culinary enthusiasts should be prepared for explosions of flavour.

Adventure and a lively atmosphere encompass the heart of this paradise. History buffs can visit the St. Maarten Museum in Phillipsburg, or those seeking a more lavish experience can take a stroll along Simpson Bay, the Caribbean yachting capital, to take in incredible views. Elsewhere, there is opportunity for daylong charters aboard a racing catamaran, classic schooner, or private yacht.

The exuberance for life in St. Maarten can be felt in the exciting nightlife and love of dance, especially as witnessed at the boisterous Carnivale celebrations. From casual beach soirees to electrifying club events, the zest for life is infectious with partiers hard-pressed to wipe the smile from their face.

Of course, a vacation to the tropics is never complete without spending time lounging on beautiful beaches and playing in the water, and St. Maarten has some of the best opportunities for both. A day at Maho Beach offers not only relaxation under the sun, but the thrill of watching incoming jets land just overhead at the International Airport located next door. Coconut Reef provides a more serene setting, but there can be just as much exhilaration with world-class snorkelling, surfing and wakeboarding adventures.

Those looking to immerse themselves in the island’s incredible beauty, culture, and attractions can easily do so while staying at one of the many top-rated resorts on the island. Nestled on the east coast of St. Maarten and 20 minutes from the capital city of Phillipsburg, Westin St. Maarten Dawn Beach Resort and Spa provides the opportunity to experience all these joys in an atmosphere of luxury and relaxation. Whether it’s tanning on pristine beaches and snorkelling in warm waters or indulging in gourmet delicacies and partying the night away, this resort is perfect for a couples retreat or group vacation.

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