Maple Butter Tart Ale Promises to be the Must-Try Beer of the Season

Your exploration of craft beer will not be complete without a taste of the very unique, and sinfully delicious, Maple Butter Tart Ale. Brewed by Sawdust City Brewing Co. the idea for this flavoured beer was the brainchild from the town of Midland, home to “Ontario’s Best Butter Tart Festival.” Midland’s idea was selected as the winning beer proposal out of twelve entries for the contest “Collaboration Nation North” at SESSION Muskoka.

At a smooth 5.0%abv, Maple Butter Tart Ale has a deep amber colour with a creamy head. Vivid aromas of maple, butter rum pudding, vanilla, and caramel candy lead the way for notes of pie crust, toffee, molasses and chocolate. This ale boasts a dry, medium bodied, creamy, well-balanced crisp-hoppy bitterness. It then gives way to flavours of maple, toffee and malt, along with subtle notes of fruit, amber rum and butter on a long, enjoyable finish.

For an extra special treat, enjoy Maple Butter Tart Ale with delectable desserts like chocolate, cream based dishes, and of course, butter tarts! Brewed for Griffin Events Co. by Sawdust City Brewing Co. you’ll find Maple Butter Tart Ale at the Sawdust City Brewing Co. retail store and the LCBO (on shelves this fall).