Home Watch Is Your Eyes And Ears

When leaving your home unattended, there are many things that can go wrong. Vandalism, pest infestations, wind storms, and flooding, are just a handful of incidents that can cause extensive initial damage, as well as lead to conditions that are likely to get much worse if no one is there to respond in a timely fashion. Luckily, Toronto Home Watch is there to provide you with peace of mind while you are away.

Who will be checking on my home during my absence?
Your security is our number one priority. This is why Toronto Home Watch is insured and bonded and an accredited members of the National Home Watch Association. Also, all of our staff must undergo a full police background check before entering your home.

How is the check performed?
Toronto Home Watch uses GPS-enabled software that only allows us to complete your home’s customized checklist and access your home’s information when we are physically onsite. This ensures we are not walking around with sensitive information and our time-stamped reports provide proof to you and your insurance company that we have been to your home. Our checklists are very thorough and cover all aspects of the home from the inside out.

What if a problem is found during a routine check?
If a problem is found during a regular check we will assess whether it is a true emergency or not. If we deem it an emergency, we will immediately contact you and won’t leave your home until the situation has been remedied. If you can’t be reached we will do what is necessary to stabilize the situation and prevent further damage until we get in contact with you. If a non-emergency issue is found it will be included in the report and you can decide how you want us to deal with the problem.

How often should my home be checked while I’m away?
Home watch solves two problems facing homeowners while they are away from their homes. The first is to fulfill the occupancy requirements of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Most policies require a home be checked a minimum of once a week, but we recommend you check your policy to avoid costly insurance claim denials should damage occur. Home watch also provides you with peace of mind. You no longer have to rely on friends and neighbours to bring in your mail, make sure your home is secure, be your local on-call contact for your home alarm, water your plants or make sure your home looks well-tended and lived-in. All of these services are included in our regular home watch package.

What other services does Toronto Home Watch offer?
Aside from home watch, we also offer concierge and keyholding services. We are available to run errands, open the door for deliveries and repairmen and help make owning a home and living in Toronto a stress-free experience.

Where does Toronto Home Watch offer their services?
Toronto Home Watch currently offers home their services in the Great Toronto Area (GTA) and Vaughan.

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