Discover Some Of The Finest Golf Courses In Canada

Sandwiched between Lake Ontario and Georgian Bay (the aptly nicknamed “sixth Great Lake”) is a collection of some of the finest golf courses in Canada. Still, the east-central playground of Ontario – no secret to residents of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – can be a bit of a mystery to those outside. The province is filled with unimaginable wonders, not to mention many wonderfully imagined golf shots.

In terms of golf, there are basically three distinct locations to grab your sticks and head for , along the grayish-pink granite shoreline of Georgian Bay, there’s the BruceGreySimcoe region, otherwise known as “Cabin Country.” This area features both distinctive mountain and water views combined. Many of its small towns also have an essence of Europe about them. An example is quaint Owen Sound, the home of hockey legend Bobby Orr. It is the gateway to hockey, skiing, camping, boating, fishing and more. Doubling back south, closer to the city, you’ll find the York Durham Headwaters region, located in the heart of the GTA (the recognized “hub” of Canada). Being an inland setting, many of the golf courses use the lay of the land to provide top-notch playing grounds, with plenty of elevation changes and creative design styles painting the picture.

From there, the real adventurous players can head east on a drive of only few hours. There they will discover the game being played in a region known as Bay of Quinte, the bay created by Lake Ontario and one of the fastest wine regions in the country.

No matter what area or areas you choose to go play in Ontario, all three are fully stocked full with great golf courses and beyond-the-fairways things to do. To top it off, all three are accentuated with fine food that will leave you wondering why it took so long to partake in this great central Canadian adventure.

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