Nunavut The Spirit Of The Arctic

The welcome in Nunavut has a warmth that belies the arctic temperatures. Canada’s newest territory has some of the most unique and authentic adventures available to a traveller. Immersed in the culture of the Inuit people of Nunavut, visitors come to see themselves and the world differently.

The dramatic, untouched landscape of Nunavut, sculpted over millennia by glacial erosion with the fascinating array of arctic wildlife captures the imagination of adventure-seekers across the globe. Spanning over two million square kilometres the territory is rich in an abundance of striking landscapes. The remote wilderness areas include rugged mountains, powerful glaciers, freshwater lakes and surging rivers all supporting the rich Arctic wildlife.

This region is home to many unique species native to Nunavut including Polar Bear, Caribou, Muskox, Walrus, Seals, whales including Bowhead, Beluga, and Narwhal. Every Arctic spring and summer millions of migratory birds return to their Arctic breeding grounds. These migratory species complement the Raven, Snowy Owl and Ptarmigan who make their home in Nunavut year-round.

Nunavut not only gives you unparalleled access to the Arctic’s wide range of wildlife, it also provides you with the experts that know the Arctic wildlife best, the Inuit. Inuit guides rely on thousands of years of collected experience and knowledge. They provide interactive experiences few people on earth are lucky enough to experience.

One of the best ways to experience a range of Nunavut experiences is through an Arctic cruise. Growing in popularity over the past years, these cruises on Arctic class cruise ships provide an exciting and memorable way to explore Nunavut. They offer the opportunity to sail living history through the high Arctic and the Northwest Passage, the pinnacle of arctic exploration.

In addition to the magnificent landscapes and wildlife, cruises offer an excellent opportunity to visit the communities of Nunavut and immerse yourself in the culture and warm welcome of the Inuit.

Proud to share their culture with visitors, Nunavut’s Inuit provide a wealth of genuine experiences and products that you will remember for the rest of your life. Inuit culture is deeply entwined with the natural world and that is reflected in the arts and crafts, and in traditional performances. Inuit art, specifically stone carving, prints and wall hangings are celebrated and coveted the world over.

More contemporary offerings include jewellery, mixed media sculpture and contemporary music and film. Inuit art reflects the remarkable cultural transformation and societal changes as Inuit move from a traditional culture to an increasingly globalized society trying to find its place in the modern world.

This transition “from igloos to iPods” when seen through the lens of artistic expression yields insightful and thought-provoking concepts and ideals that can be understood and appreciated by people of many different backgrounds. Visit Nunavut and find the “Spirit of The Arctic.”

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