Manzanillo – Sunwing

Mexico’s Hidden Gem for Nature, Adventure, and Culture Tourism

Whether it’s exploring Manzanillo’s bustling and colourful downtown or its breathtaking landscape, this Mexican locale is home to some amazing history, culture, and adventurous activities. Plus, Sunwing Vacations offers a number of packages to Manzanillo that create tailored vacation experiences suited to individual tastes.

To start with the downtown area, this historical city has a very charming appeal. Just recently, the city underwent major renovations to bring back the vigor of its older buildings, and several streets are pedestrian only so that visitor can explore at their own pace. As you stroll outward from the city, take your time to wander around the beautiful waterfront promenade which extends a mile along the coast, and you can watch shipping merchants coming in and out of this major commercial seaport. Or, explore the Mercado (market) and check out the host of vendors offering fresh produce, seafood, and beautiful home-made crafts and folk art.

Known as the sailfish capital of the world, this major seaport is a favourite destination for sports enthusiasts. From international fishing tournaments, to world-class golf courses, to hiking along the scenic coastline, Manzanillo combines activity with ecotourism. And because sport fishing is such a popular activity, it would only be natural that seafood plays an important role in traditional local cuisine in this Pacific coast town.

After fishing, you can carry your catch back to shore where it can be cleaned a prepared to your liking at one of the local restaurants. For an authentic seafood experience, try the region’s signature dish Colima ceviche; named after the state, this dish is light and delicious as it’s prepared with fresh ground sailfish or grouper, lemon juice, orange juice, tomatoes, onions, carrots and chili peppers. For the avid fishermen, Barcelo Karmina Palace Deluxe is an ideal location for fishing, with a stunning beachfront to view while you’re waiting to catch “the big one.”

Just near the city in Colima are beautiful parks and natural reserves with wild and dense flora, perfect for eco tourists. In particular, this area is a haven for avid bird watchers as it’s home to some of the most impressive bird sanctuaries in North America. Nature lovers can marvel over hundreds of bird species such as the musical blue mockingbird, the quick and colourful orange-breasted bunting, or the small yet striking cinnamon hummingbird.

On top of bird watching, Gran Festivall Resort along Miramar beach hosts plenty of nature-oriented and thrilling activities that include wall climbing and archery, plunging down waterslides, and seeing the property from the amazing vantage of the zip line. When travellers book their next vacation to Manzanillo with Sunwing Vacations they can enjoy direct flights featuring Sunwing Airlines’ Champagne Service with generous baggage allowance and upgrades to Elite Plus available.

So whether you’re looking to learn some history, dine on your catch of the day, or just enjoy the beauty of nature, Manzanillo has it all. Why not start planning your getaway today at