New Medical Alert Solution That Works Across Canada and The US

Today, the challenges of providing support for loved ones are amplified by the fact that members of the same family live, work and travel to different places. Also seniors prefer to live independently and are enjoying activities outside of the home including travel. Most of the time, all is well but every once in a while… something happens.

How can everyone feel more safe and secure? Caretrak can help.

Caretrak is a wearable pendant that supports independence for seniors or anyone living with a health condition. It works both inside and outside of the home from the garden to the shopping mall — or another city.

Your safety is enhanced. With one push of the S.O.S. button, you speak directly to your care contact through the pendant and your address is automatically tracked and sent.

Peace of mind for families. Your loved ones have a direct connection to family or the 24/7 emergency response centre anywhere, anytime. Multiple family members are notified via text and email alerts to stay informed.

Unique to Caretrak, you can choose from Family or Emergency Response.

Family Response can be used for less urgent and day-to-day concerns where emergency 911 isn’t immediately required. The unit connects to your care contact of choice and check-in calls can be made by anyone at any time. You can upgrade to the 24/7 Emergency Response option anytime if your situation changes.

More good news for families, it’s simple to setup and use.

There is no installation or landline required and can go with you when you travel in Canada and the US. The unit is shipped to your door ready to use and has a 15-day low risk trial period.

Check out our “How it Works” video at or call 1.855.333.3381.