Gananoque and the Thousand Islands

Unparalleled beauty and history is woven into every aspect of Gananoque and the 1000 Islands. As part of the USESCO World Biosphere Reserve, this area captivates its audience and offers endless options to discover the region your way. Begin your trip in the historic Town of Gananoque and experience world-class cuisine, unique shopping destinations and countless attractions. On the edge of the St. Lawrence River take in some live theatre or go for a walk along the waterfronts edge and discover our past in the 1000 Islands Historic Village, which boast two museums.

Uncover the well-kept secrets while cruising through the 1000 Islands whether it’s through Millionaire’s Row, kayaking amongst the Admiral Islands,
scuba diving beneath the lost ships or mooring your sailboat in a secluded bay. No matter what your method of exploration, you will always be greeted by a friendly wave from your fellow marine community.

Shhh we will tell you one of our secrets, there is actually 1,864 islands and it is believed in 1964 one of them was given away as a prize on the Price Is Right television game show. To qualify as one of the islands it must be above water for 365 days a year and support two living trees. These islands support everything from towering pines, bald eagles, white tailed deer, 6th generation homes and castles just to name a few. It is no surprise that each visitor discovers that special quality to build lasting memories.

The experience is not complete until you discover the region by land and air. Helicopter tours and a 130-metre high Tower provide a spectacular bird’s eye view, only understood by those who have seen it. The 1000 Islands Parkway offers a 37 kilometre paved trail for cycling enthusiasts and a scenic 2 lane road ideal for a country drive alongside the islands. Don’t forget to register for your free Parks Canada Discovery Pass to explore the Thousand Islands National Park which is also located along the scenic Parkway.

Continue your journey as you meander through the countryside discovering quaint and vibrant communities full of hidden treasures. Choose your own adventure whether it be local artisans and flavours, local celebrations, quaint shopping or outdoor adventure including top rated golf courses. No matter what your method of travel, you will be left wanting more.