Elements Luxury Tented Camp and Nature Spa

When it comes to relaxing and getting away from it all, there is five-star. But for those serious about unplugging in the lap of luxury, there’s five-billion star — roughly the number of stars visitors to the Elements Luxury Tented Camp can see sitting around their campfire while being served a gourmet meal by their personal wilderness butler.

Located on an 89-acre slice of rugged Canadian Shield near Renfrew, ON, Elements is a unique Canadian experience called glamour camping or glamping. Designed with the educated, well-heeled and completely overstressed entrepreneur or executive in mind, it puts glampers into nature without camping’s inconveniences. What’s more, it’s as healthy as it gets.

From wilderness butlers who deliver gourmet campfire-friendly meals, decant BYOB wine and hotel bedding in massive prospector tents, to the yoga studio, adventure concierge service and chemical-free environment, Elements straddles the line between nature and nurture.

“Our clientele is used to luxuries, but they’re also looking for an escape from the buzz and demands of life,” notes owner, Nicole Laframboise. “By the time they arrive at Elements, we have taken care of all the details to ensure they are comfortable.”

In addition to free wifi, yoga, art classes, community campfire singalongs and private picnics on historic Champlain Lookout (where Samuel de Champlain carved his name in 1613), Elements offers access to every kind of thrill, from exploring nearby Bonnechere Caves to taking on world-class
white water rafting on the Ottawa River.

And for gourmands eager to try something new, says Laframboise, there’s the challenge of cooking over a woodfire. “Our wilderness butlers and experienced park rangers will light the fire, and can assist with the basics of camp cooking. Whether a visitor has mad chef skills or is still at the tea-and-toast stage, we make it as approachable and easy to do as possible,” she says.

Fitness buffs eager to connect with nature can enjoy the single track mountain bike and hiking trails, or use a stand-up paddle board at the private beach. Nearby adventure companies offer canoeing, kayaking, zip lining, car racing and tours of the local craft brewery.

“Elements is all about nature, fitness and relaxation. We take care of everything, literally everything,” says Laframboise. “You get to unwind in nature, in a full service environment. It’s hard to tell the difference between us and a luxury hotel — except for the billions of stars above.”

Renfrew, Ontario www.outdoorhotel.ca