A Revolutionary Health Product

In 1993, Dr. Craig Curphey, a student attending Ontario Chiropractic College, was sitting through a Radiology lecture on Osteoporosis and bone loss. It was discussed that weight bearing exercise helped to increase bone density. Dr. Craig’s mother had passed away a few years earlier from the side effects of drugs given for Osteoporosis. He learned, that by simply adding weights to a person’s body they could potentially avoid the deadly side effects of drugs. He also knew NASA used weights on the astronauts to build bone density after the weightlessness of space. When Dr. Curphey started his practice, he saw many suffering from and taking drugs for Osteoporosis. Thus, came the idea for the Wellness Belt, a weighted belt that when worn, was a form of weight bearing exercise that stimulated the body to build bone naturally. When the belt was tried out on his patients the results were amazing; not only did his patients show improved bone density, but wearing the belt corrected their posture and eliminated back pain, in addition, many were losing weight.

Dr. Curphey started manufacturing the belt in Barrie Ontario with one hundred percent North American raw materials. Wellness Belts was incorporated in 2005. In 2015 Dr. Curphey retired, and Richard Boken a Wellness Belt user, purchased the controlling interest in Wellness Belts. Richard has a long history in sales and was attracted by the prospects of supporting Canadian manufacturing. Richard has trimmed costs while improving quality control. Communications have been updated to include social media and networking on the trade show circuit.

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