Eat Local: The Beauty of Ontario-Grown

By: Michelle Johannesson
Ontarians are fortunate enough to live in a province that harbours some of the highest quality produce and meat products in Canada. When residing in an area rich in agriculture, it is important to consume foods that are produced locally. By eating local, you reduce the amount of emissions required to transport your food, the amount of energy required to store your food, and the amount of pesticides required to grow the crops you purchase. Similarly, by eating local you can feel good knowing that you are supporting local farmers, the local economy, and local food diversity!

The best part about eating local is knowing exactly who produces and distributes your food. In this blog post, we introduce some of the organizations that market and regulate the deliciously fresh produce and animal products that Ontarians have access to!

Ontario Produce Marketing Association

Fruits and veggies are essential to maintaining a healthy body, but produce can lose some of its value when it’s stored for an extended period of time. By choosing local produce, you can ensure that you’re consuming the freshest, highest quality food! Furthermore, local produce generally offers richer flavour than imported fruits and vegetables. Our fall produce favourites include apples, carrots, pears, quash, beets, and potatoes! All these crops are produced by local Ontario farms.

Photo From Ontario Produce Marketing Association

Produce Made Simple, an online resource developed by the Ontario Produce Marketing Association, provides consumers with seasonal crop information, storing techniques, preparation tips and recipe ideas. All the information available on the website is provided by produce experts, dieticians, cookbook authors and chefs! Visit for delicious meal ideas and other tasty-tips for Ontario fruits and veggies!

Grain Farmers of Ontario

Ontario is home to 28 000 growers of barley, corn, oats, soybeans, and wheat! With such a vast variety, Ontario grains have become a major economic driver for the Canadian economy, generating a net value of $2.5 billion! When you buy products from Ontario grain farmers, you are contributing to an industry that provides 40 000 jobs in Ontario and generates $9 billion in economic output.

Grain Farmers Of Ontario

The Grain Farmers of Ontario is an organization that represents grain farmers by focusing on research and innovation, marketing and market development research, production info and public outreach, and policy development. For more information about Ontario grain districts and developments in grain research, visit:

Egg Farmers of Ontario

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein and they are packed with vitamin B2, B12, B6 and vitamin D! Ontario egg farmers are responsible for 40% of the total egg production in Canada, accounting for 200 million dozen sets of eggs. Ontario-grown eggs are full of flavour, rich in vitamins, and affordably priced!

Egg Farmers Of Ontario

Egg Farmers of Ontario is a farming organization committed to providing healthy, natural, unprocessed eggs that are sold at a price that is fair for both the farmer and the consumer. The organization is fully funded by egg farmers and it works to maintain stability in the Ontario egg industry by maintaining appropriate prices and forecasting the amount of eggs required each year. For ‘egg-citing’ recipe ideas and nutritional information, visit:

Ontario Lamb

Ontario has an ideal environment to raise lamb because it is rich with fresh air and green farmlands. Lamb meat provides lots of clean protein, multiple nutrients, and 8 essential amino acids! When deciding to purchase lamb, remember that locally sourced lamb is more sustainable than imported meat cuts and it contributes to the local economy.

Ontario Lamb

Ontario Lamb, a division of Newmarket Meat Packers, is a leading provincial processor of domestic lamb, veil and goat. Rooted in family business, Ontario Lamb is committed to distributing lean, tender lamb that is HALAL assured and free of artificial additives. The organization only works with farmers committed to high product standards and it ensures safety and quality through a complete traceability system.

Learn more about the producers of Ontario lamb and their commitment to excellence here:

Ontario Pork

Ontario pork is full of flavour and offers substantial nutritious value including B vitamins, protein, and zinc. Locally-sourced Ontario pork generally contain fewer additives and is set at a lower price point than non-local cuts that require a longer shelf life and further transport to grocery stores.

Ontario Pork

Ontario Pork was founded in 1946 and continues to represent the 1369 producers who market pork in Ontario. The organization strives for excellence in pork, industry accountability, and research advancements in hog health. Ontario Pork’s mission is to foster a vibrant business environment for farmers so that pork producers can take pride in marketing the some of the best meat in Canada.

Ontario Pork also provides consumers with inventive and delicious pork recipes on their website: