Organically Grown, Close To Home – Yorkshire Valley

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we chatted with Tim deWit, an organic turkey farmer for Yorkshire Valley Farms, to learn more about why he loves being an organic farmer and why he thinks organic agriculture is important.

Where is your farm and what do you raise?
My wife, Katrina, and I, along with our three young children, operate an organic turkey, sheep and cash crop farm near Woodstock, Ontario. We’ve been farming for over 15 years, and decided to transition to organic in 2011. Organic farming can be challenging, but it was the best decision we could have made for our farm.

Why did you choose to farm organically?
My main motivation to switch to organic farming was the opportunity that I saw to supply a product, in my case organic turkey, to a market that I felt wasn’t currently being supplied. We were fortunate that we had additional barn space and very productive soils, which helped make the decision to become certified for organic production an easier decision. I really saw organic as a way to make our family farm economically viable.

Why do you think organic is important?
I truly believe organic agriculture practices provide a more sustainable farming model for both livestock and crops. And I love that it is something the whole family can be involved in. When you buy a Yorkshire Valley Farms turkey, you are truly supporting a local family-run farm.

What is on your Thanksgiving menu this year?
We gather at my mom’s place for a potluck Thanksgiving with the entire extended family. Naturally our family is in charge of preparing one of our own Yorkshire Valley Farms organic turkeys. It’s a pretty traditional meal with a variety of potatoes dishes, vegetables and of course pie!

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