It’s simple. It’s natural. And it works.

My inspiration for creating Beekeeper’s Naturals came about organically. I wasn’t planning to start a company, I was simply looking for a natural health product that actually delivered. In that quest, I encountered all of the newest magical health elixirs but ended up spending a lot of money on ineffective health-store powders, or over-the-counter synthetic immune boosters that temporarily dampened my symptoms but never got rid of them. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way.

Science is amazing. It can cure horrible diseases, cancers and disabilities. But what about your sore throat or stubborn cold? At Beekeeper’s we love science — we use science to formulate and test our products obsessively. But we also think Mother Nature is pretty incredible. Bees are nature’s consummate workers and the ultimate team players. Thinking back now, it should have been obvious that bees were the answer. Bees naturally produce propolis to protect themselves and their hives from bacteria. You can think of propolis as the immune system of the hive and a key factor in overall hive health. Bee propolis is nature’s ultimate protector, showing powerful healing properties for bees and luckily us humans too! It’s a must for anyone leading an active lifestyle or who hates getting sick. It’s simple. It’s natural. And it works. At Beekeeper’s Naturals, we are dedicated to sustainably sharing the world of “beegan” superfoods with you to keep you functioning at your best.

Available at and natural health retailers