SIGVARIS Graduated Compression

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Travel related leg discomfort is increasing as people spend more time over longer distances confined in smaller spaces on planes, and in cars, trains and buses.

During travel, blood circulation within the legs is often compromised as movement is constrained and this can cause heavy, fatigued and tired legs in addition to leg pain, and/or swollen feet and ankles.

Prolonged sitting is also a risk factor for the development of a deep vein thrombosis (DVT-blood clot) which is a serious medical condition that can lead to long term suffering and even death.

One effective way to help protect yourself and increase leg comfort during long distance travel is by wearing graduated compression stockings or socks. For more information, please visit our website at or contact our Client Care at 1.800.363.4999.


1. Wear SIGVARIS graduated compression stockings or socks. Wearing graduated compression increases leg and foot comfort, reduces swelling, and helps prevent DVT.

2. Move your feet. Foot exercises make the calf muscles work and help to pump blood back up to the heart.

3. Avoid periods of prolonged inactivity. As often as possible, exercise your legs and where possible, get up and walk around. If you are travelling by car, make regular stops to stretch your legs.

4. Drink plenty of fluids. While travelling, replace fluid loss with healthy beverages to avoid dehydration. Avoid alcohol.

5. Consult your doctor if you are at risk. Ask your family physician for information regarding the prevention of DVT and other venous problems.