Air France


Air France has made it possible to return to the lavish era when air travel offered the comfort, luxury, and service that enticed you as much as your destination.

With comfort and pleasure in mind, Air France has elevated the travel experience to a new level with the Premium Economy Class.

As a welcomed guest in Premium Economy, you are escorted into the elegant separate cabin with original designs that house your premium seating. Offering 40% more space than Economy, you luxuriate in soft, wide seating, with wider armrests, a multi-position footrest, storage space for personal items, a USB port and electric sockets for charging devices. A fleece blanket, headphones, towelette and eye- ask complete your sense of being pampered, leaving no detail unattended.

The excellent service and style is only heightened by your enjoyment of a new, latest-generation, 12-inch HD touch-screen offering more than 1,000 hours of movies, TV series, music, and games to enhance your experience. A wider tray table tailors to your work comfort, or the enjoyment of the completely revised and specialized dining offers. Relax and enjoy being served an aperitif, a selection of gourmet options that change each month, reflecting the cuisine of destinations, a second hot dish on longer flights, and always fruit, cheese, dessert, coffee, tea, and liquers.

To add to the elegance, all meals are presented in tableware specifically designed for Air France by Eugeni Quitllet. As a Premium Economy guest, the glass, cutlery, and fabric napkin provide a refined table service, topped off with Quitllet’s specially designed cone containing candies and an oshibori.

Attention to detail is also in place for Air France’s younger travellers. With over 2.7 million children each year, Air France staff meets the needs and expectations of your young travellers with constant and special attention. Organic produce, mindfully designed tableware and cutlery, a selection of game kits, or bibs and teddy bears for your youngest of travellers ensure a fun travel experience.

With the launch of Travel By Air France, a new digital travel guide and planning tool, Air France strives to guarantee the enjoyment of your travel experiences, adding new destinations such as Tehran, Glasgow, and Krakow.

Comfort, attention to detail and pleasure are the three convictions that Air France holds with the single objective of making your destination travel as enjoyable as your destination, bringing back the Golden Era of travel, refined by the luxuries of today.