A Blind Child’s Gift Of Sight

“I always wish to see things around me. I promise that I will not cry and if I will see, I will buy you a bottle of Coca Cola.” Cristella, 4-year-old Burundian cataract patient

4-year-old Cristella was born in Burundi with cataracts in both eyes leaving her blind. She wanted to be able to see the faces of her mother and father, her home, and the world around her so badly that she was willing to buy the ophthalmologist something of great value to the young child — a bottle of Coca Cola.

When Cristella’s parents learned that she had operable cataracts in both eyes they were devastated, they couldn’t afford the sightrestoring surgery. They were already struggling to provide the basic needs of food and shelter for the family but knew surgery was their daughter’s chance at a better future.

“Without proper care, children like Cristella often don’t finish school, are dependent on a caregiver, struggle with low self-esteem, and face life-long challenges,” explains Penny Lyons, Executive Director of Seva Canada (seva.ca) Finding and treating children with eye problems under the age of 5 is crucial to ensuring healthy vision for life. Lyons says that’s why Seva donors fund free screenings for thousands of children in developing countries each year.

Cataract surgery and follow-up care for a child is only $150. In fact, children who have their vision restored are given an average of 50 years of sight, according to Lyons.

Fortunately for Cristella, she received successful life-changing cataract surgery, glasses and follow-up care, all thanks to Seva Canada donors. And the ophthalmologist received a bottle of coke from a happy, smiling Cristella.

Help a blind person see. With a $50 donation*, you will provide a life-changing cataract surgery to an adult in need in the developing world.

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