Welcome to the city that cheers the loudest, marches to a different drum, and basks in the sunshine. Regina is a city bustling with energy and the welcoming spirit of its people. Consider this your invitation to feel right at home as you discover our charming secrets.

We are known across the country for our exceptional fans and we invite you to leap to your feet and cheer along with Rider Nation at a Saskatchewan Roughrider home game. We guarantee the camaraderie and dedication of the Rider super fans will have you in the throes of excitement as you instantly become part of a community whose roar can be heard across the country.

Since 1885, Regina has welcomed the nation’s best and brightest to train at the RCMP “Depot” Division. Experience this iconic Canadian journey as you march alongside RCMP cadets in action and you will learn about the RCMP through interactive exhibits and guided tours at the RCMP Heritage Centre.

During the summer months, you can find a grassy nook along the miles of waterfront and bask in the sunshine at Wascana Centre. The friendly people of Regina treasure the serenity of this urban oasis that is actually larger than Central Park in New York City. The park is also home to many of our great attractions and a hot spot for festivals.

From the inspirational and the historic to the little quirks that give it its charm, Regina welcomes you. We always do.