Are you tripping around in high heels and pointy toes?

Are you kicking off your shoes as soon as you sit down?

Are your feet killing you?

Are you dancing with your shoes off?

If so, you should step into our world of beautifully designed and comfortable NAOT shoes and sandals. Yes, it is possible to have both; that’s what NAOT is all about. They are “The Style of Comfort.”

NAOT Footwear has been around since 1942 and from that time, our reputation and loyal customers have followed us around the world. In 1989, NAOT Canada was launched from a garage in Toronto.

We’re one of the few shoe companies still manufacturing our shoes at source in Israel, and made “the list” of the world’s 3 leading companies in the comfort category. That’s great for NAOT, because keeping your feet happy and healthy is what we want.

Corinne Lissoos – owner of Naot Canada – has a shoe obsession for Naot Footwear. She introduced this line to Canada 25 years ago, when after living in South Africa and Israel, she immigrated to Canada from Israel with her husband Max. Once settled she opened Solemates Inc, the importers and distributors of Naot footwear. “We started selling the shoes in Health Food stores to try to introduce the brand to Canadians. Since then, we sell to over 400 retailers and have 8 of our own Naot retail stores.”

The success of Naot stems from the fact that they are hand-made and styled with a focus on bringing something refreshing and comfortable to the wearer. Everyone’s heart and soul is in this brand from the designers and manufacturer, to production, the distributors, and the retailers selling this particular brand, because they are so comfortable to wear, your feet cannot help but fall in love with Naot!

At Naot we believe: “You are most beautiful when you are comfortable!”

So what are the benefits of wearing Naot?

    • Incredible comfort with refreshing and original style.
    • A removable cork anatomical insole—medicine for your feet. Designed to be orthotic friendly.
    • They are an excellent choice as your go to, go anywhere footwear—remember when you wear Naot you never have to worry about your feet.

If you are considering your next purchase of footwear–consider wrapping your feet in hand made comfort, made with love, from Italian leathers and the finest of raw materials. The quantum comfort provided in every pair will put a smile on your feet.