La Maison De Pascale

Chic, contemporary, high-quality and carefully constructed with meticulous attention to detail and design elements, La Maison De Pascale Swimwear is built to impress. Designer Marina Pascale from Toronto, Canada created the line using fine fabrics and structural components, and utilizing a more elaborate and expensive method of production. As a result each suit is in keep with the designer’s vision: a masterpiece built to last.

This global brand of distinctive style swimwear is inspired by travel-savvy, luxurious and fashionable lifestyles — which can be seen in the two-piece silhouettes and are presented in bright tropical colours, sexy sleek black or white. We decided to bring the class and elegance to all swimwear lovers. Just as travel wise women carefully select their beach destinations, they also put time and energy into finding the perfect bathing suit to stand out in the crowd. Chic and elegantly styled, La Maison De Pascale swimwear helps women do just that. Travelling in style is simple — just shop the newest swimwear from La Maison De Pascale at their online boutique or find it in the store.

This year, La Maison De Pascale will be unveiling a new project that will promote travel destinations with assisted travel. Partnering with the Mobility Women organization — a group dedicated to providing support to women with disability — they will be doing their part to help these women stay active and travel in style.