Beach Lifestyle and City Glamour For the Feet

Loving referred to as “The Marvelous City”, Rio de Janeiro is nothing if not exhilarating. Famous for both its natural beauty and its unmatched lifestyle, Rio is where the best of the city and the beach blend to coexist.

Rio occupies one of the most spectacular settings of any metropolis in the world. One of its many iconic highlights is the neighbourhood of Ipanema, known for being a trendsetter in the world of fashion. Ipanema’s vivid colours and cultural diversity have also provided the inspiration for bossa nova songs that have travelled the world.

The concept of paradise is the primary inspiration for Grendene’s creations. Each new collection of Ipanema sandals easily expresses Rio’s marriage of the beach and urban styles. Without abandoning its “beachy” essence, Ipanema leaves the sand to create conceptual styles through the use of imaginative graphic patterns and innovative shapes that suit the feet of the most contemporary and fashion-conscious women.

Highlighted by the use if both technology and creativity, Ipanema now launches its 2013 collection, featuring a range of styles inspired by a worldwide trend we call “Expedition”. While drawing inspiration from a wide variety of the world’s regions and cultures, we never forget where all of our journeys begin, so Rio de Janeiro remains infused in every style.

Another key trend for 2013 celebrates the feminine glamour of the 1950’s and 60’s and the romance of the cinema divas of that period. We recall this classic era through the use of glitter and metallic finishes as well as floral, butterfly and kitten prints and details of lace, hearts and bows.

The 2013 collection also features urban styles with pixilated prints of multi-coloured geometric shapes and gradients. With this group we love combining unusual details, giving the wearer a new level of freedom with their wardrobe.

Conquering the feet of Brazil and the world, Ipanema has become a major brand for Grendene. Now exporting to over 90 countries, Grendene has an annual production capacity of 200 million pairs of shoes, making it the largest footwear producer in Brazil.

Grendene maintains a commitment to social and cultural issues through the sponsorship of important event and charities. The environment is also of great concern-Grendene recycles 100% of PVC waste generated at its industrial plant, which is just one piece of an aggressive sustainability campaign.