Hard Candy Fitness

Hard Candy Fitness Toronto does not only provide a phenomenally diverse group fitness schedule, but also a state of the art weight training area, and a full-turf functional training space. Although functional training has its origins in rehabilitation, many are realizing the importance of participating not only for day to day movement, but for sports, body building, and running just to name a few. It involves weight bearing activities targeted at core muscles of the abs and lower back. This can lead to better joint mobility and stability, and more efficient motor patterns. A major benefit of functional training comes from the use of the body’s ability to move in many directions, as opposed to a single plane of motion from machines.

The functional training space at Hard Candy Fitness is anchored by its multi station Motion Cage from Hoist. Call it an adult jungle gym, where one can punch away at a heavy bag, do chin-ups, use TRX bands, traverse across the monkey bars, and much more. A complete set of kettle bells are also provided, along with medicine balls, a push sled, plyometric boxes, and cable system unit. Members can also sign up for a class appropriately named “Adrenaline”, where the space is fully utilized to push the member to the limit, boot camp style!

From beginners to advanced athletes, Hard Candy Fitness’ functional training space provides a unique fitness experience that will leave you conditioned to perform practically and optimally in all facets of your active lifestyle.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 416.979.1645 or visit hardcandyfitnesstoronto.com to try the club today!