If you’re tired of the standard cookie cutter vacation, Distinctive Journeys International Ltd. (DJI) was conceived with you in mind. Specializing in unique experiences in Italy and around the world, DJI is a full-service U.S. based tour operator dedicated to helping you make the ordinary trip or vacation extraordinary. 

From fully-inclusive travel programs to shore excursion packages, DJI customizes each and every program and delivers the ultimate in travel experiences. The secret weapon of DJI lies in our passion and highly experienced team of travel professionals. From the initial planning until you return back home, our travel experts will help make it easy and exciting, while our overseas colleagues ensure peace-of mind when traveling abroad. DJI is committed to providing the utmost in service, reliability, and creativity.
We pride ourselves on delivering a “personal touch,” that’s why a DJI program is more than just a trip, but rather an inspired travel program designed to give you a unique and memorable experience. We do this by enhancing your travels with interesting local activities, behind the scene visits, and select cultural encounters. Enjoy special activities like exploring the vineyards of Chianti by vespa, biking to Versailles, partaking in a Malay cooking lesson in Cape Town, savoring a home-cooked lunch in a private Turkish home, and more! And, in your down time, unwind in first-rate accommodations like country villas, idyllic beach resorts, regal manor houses, historic castles, or boutique hotels.
Whether you’re interested in an African adventure, hoping to feast in France or longing to take in the palaces and museums of some of the great capitals of Europe, you can trust Distinctive Journeys to enrich your travels and make your experience truly unforgettable and distinctive.
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