Summer Thrills Courtesy of Kawasaki

Now that spring is here it’s time to get out and explore! After being cooped up all winter, nothing feels better than a warm breeze running through your hair and the freedom of the open road. For those looking to hit the streets in style, why not splurge on a brand new toy from Kawasaki’s impressive lineup? Whether you’re cruising the city streets or setting off down a winding country road, Kawasaki can deliver summer thrills like no other.

Get your engines running and venture out on the rider-friendly Vulcan S. Leaving other cruisers in the dust, the Vulcan S stands apart with its Parallel Twin engine, unique frame, suspension layout and unconventional good looks.

Attracting the admiration of many with its eye-catching design and modern elements, the Vulcan S boasts a curved, flowing style with a powerful, long-and-low stance. Details like the inverted triangle headlamp, tapered handlebar and new teardrop-style fuel tank are just some of the many features that contribute to its unique design.

However, this urban motorcycle has a lot more to offer than its sleek veneer. Underneath its impressive silhouette, the Vulcan S serves up a high-quality ride that’s both thrilling and comfortable. In fact, it’s precisely this rider-friend attribute that makes this cruiser such an attractive option for first-timer buyers.

The Vulcan S’s low centre of gravity allows for high manoeuvrable, whether riding, paddling in a parking lot, or walking beside the bike. In addition, the unique liquid-cooled, DOHC, 8-valve 649cc Parallel Twin with fuel injection delivers a smooth, responsive performance, even acceleration and a satisfying pull.

To further enhance user experience this bike features Ergo-Fit — a combination of adjustable components for riders of different stature. There are 18 different modifiable configurations to achieve a tailored fit for comfort and confidence. First there are three different ERGO-FIT seats available to help riders find the right reach to the ground. Secondly, the Vulcan S has a combination of accessory handlebars and standard adjustable clutch & brake levers that allows riders to find a comfortable reach. Lastly, the three-position adjustable footpegs move both towards and away from the rider’s body, allowing for just the right amount of legroom.

Exquisitely sculpted, equipped with the latest technology, and offering good fuel economy, this bike takes comfort, adjustability and confidence-inspiring power to the next level. Whether you are out for a leisurely cruise, or feeling the need for speed, the Vulcan S is loaded with rider-friendly features that maximize your performance, style and fun.

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