Bring back Your Wildhood

Have you ever bought a two-year-old an expensive gift only to watch them discard it and play with the box it came in? You see, he doesn’t care about this season’s ‘must-have’ toy; the box is so much more. That box is…a castle…or a car…or maybe even a spaceship. That box is whatever he wants it to be.

Somewhere along the way, many of us have fallen prey to the idea that overproduced games, overscheduled days and shiny gadgets mean a happy childhood. However, many of our favourite childhood memories don’t involve a jam-packed schedule, the most shiny plastic toy or even hours upon hours of playing video games.

What we all remember is that feeling of adventure; that sense of freedom. Summers spent lost in the great outdoors with only the limits of our imagination to hold us back. Back then, each day was whatever you made of it, back then we were wild.

Unfortunately, today 70% of Canadian children miss the freedom their parents had. Addressing this problem, a new movement launched by Go RVing Canada aims to help us reconnect with our sense of childhood adventure, encouraging us to tap into our natural born camper. The Wildhood campaign is focused on helping Canadians rediscover the craving for exploration, adventure, curiosity, kinship and freedom we all knew as children, but may have gotten lost in the responsibilities of adulthood.

Like you, your kids want to wander. To get out there. To stare at the stars . To stay up past their bedtimes. Let them. And more importantly, join them.
Drive away from the everyday. Reclaim your Wildhood at

Call out 43% of people said they wish their family was more adventurous