Many of us have heard about personal drones in the news. Some reports marvel at the cool factor, while other focus on instances where these devices have been used inappropriately, like flying around airports, highways, over crowded area or where privacy is a concern. But with common sense and guidelines the age of personal aerial camera is here to stay.

Utilizing the latest and greatest technology, consumer drones are easier to fly, safer to use and produce high-quality videos and photos that would be unimaginable just a few years ago. While there are many sites online that sell personal drones, Canada Drones is a reputable source you can trust for quality UAV gear!

For those in the market for an affordable consumer-grade drone with super high performance, look no further than the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Much more than a toy, this drone is a tool to enable you to capture moments like never before. Boasting stability control using state of the art sensors such as GPS, Sonar and downward facing optics assisted stability, the Phantom 3 will fight wind up to 25–30 km/h and stay in place in the sky waiting for your inputs. In addition, features like the 4K or HD camera with 2 km video controller range, fully articulated camera gimbals, auto takeoff and auto landing and 23 minutes flight time per battery, make this model easy and fun to use.

For work related purposes like roof inspection, wildlife monitoring, and movie making, the DJI Inspire 1 is your best bet. Designed to be powerful while lightweight, flexible while providing the stability you need, the Inspire 1 is DJI’s most advanced complete package. All of the latest aerial technology is packed into one simple, ready-to-fly system, putting you in the sky within minutes. The Inspire 1’s propulsion system is unique among all flight platforms — built to handle the demands of advanced flight, while increasing efficiency and reliability. Carbon fiber arms give you the strength to maneuver in the air and they transform, moving out of the camera’s way at the flick of a switch. With a full 360⁰ unobstructed view, you now have the freedom to capture shots independent of the direction you are flying.

All necessary replacement parts are also available on the website, as well as accessories such as cases, transport backpack and more. For more information, visit

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Safety First

As an aerial video operator, either recreational uses or commercial uses, it is very important that you take safety very seriously. Always remind yourself that if something goes wrong this piece of equipment is coming down.

For that reason always inspect your equipment, fly with direct line of sight, avoid flying over people, roads and pets. Never put your craft in a position where a real airplane or helicopter could be in danger, maintain control and focus on the task performed so everyone is safe around your drone.

Transport Canada has detailed guidelines around commercial use of these UAV and it’s not that hard to obtain Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC), please be safe and remember to have fun!