Your Complete Wellness Retreat

For Mind, Body and Spirit

“Know where you are to know where you are going.”
It often seems life has us moving faster than ever. Without pausing to replenish our inner resources, will we ever find ourselves where we truly want to be?

Located in Bancroft, Ontario, centred in the beautiful Canadian Shield, Grail Springs is a place where take-charge people retreat from the noise and pressures of everyday life.  For over two decades Madeleine Marentette, Founder of Grail Springs, has provided a sanctuary for individuals to improve their lives. Her guests are nurtured and guided on a transformative journey to wellness, hope and miracles, inspired by the natural beauty of Ontario’s north.

Grail Springs is a complete health and wellness retreat offering renewing and educational lifestyle experiences. As Canada’s premiere wellness destination, this stunning retreat offers a holistic approach to total wellbeing centred on the Grail’s 7 Keys philosophy to staying happy, healthy and wise. The 2 to 21 night Wellness Retreat Programs and Signature Treatments are designed to realign and renew body, mind and spirit, embraced within a beautiful healing, lakeside environment.

The thirteen-room privately owned estate sits on one-hundred acres of forest trails in the Mineral Capital of Canada. The property is a well-groomed trail system where animals and people can flourish together in harmony, with two forest eco-tabins for guests looking to connect more deeply with nature.

Hoping to enrich more lives than ever before, this year, Grail Springs is undergoing a transformation of its own. “We are overjoyed to unveil the exciting evolution of the Grail Springs Retreat with a new brand, an astounding redesign of our Great Hall, and authentic, leading-edge experiences that draw from ancient traditions and allow our guests to connect more deeply with the potent healing environment on our one-hundred acre land, rich with crystals and minerals” said Madeleine Marentette.

Treat yourself to an experience that will leave you whole, happy, wise and fulfilled. Retreat to Grail Springs and discover your own holy grail, where peace and wellbeing can be restored. Your journey awaits…