Dietitians of Canada

Dietitians of Canada

Take a 100 Meal Journey
March is Nutrition Month and Dietitians of Canada is challenging Canadians to Take a 100 Meal Journey by pledging to make a small change to their eating habits and to stick with it, one meal at a time. Think about it: Canadians consume almost 100 meals each month. Throughout March, we will be inspiring them with ideas to make small changes, supported by doable strategies to help make those changes stick.

Here are three tips from dietitians to get you started on your 100 Meal Journey
1. Pledge to take a 100 Meal Journey by pledging to pick a small change to work on throughout Nutrition Month and beyond.  Dietitians will suggest ideas, strategies and tools like to make identifying and committing to a change less daunting. You can visit the Nutrition Month 2016 website to pledge your small change now!

2. Keep Track to Stay on Track
Tracking eating habits can be used to build awareness about food intake and eating patterns. It can also help with choosing what to change and staying on track. This can be done with a smart phone app (e.g. eaTracker), an online tool or in a notebook.

3. Talk to a Dietitian
Nutrition counselling by a dietitian has been found to positively impact blood sugar levels, blood pressure, lipid profile and weight status. In fact, three months of counselling has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels as well as two medications with less cost and risk.

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