Help a blind person see

A Nepali couple came to a Seva Canada eye camp near the town of Arghakhanchi, Nepal in springtime last year. The husband, Ram Bahadur, was blind.

Many years ago, he had lost his left eye in an accident while breaking rocks to make concrete.

It became infected and, though he went to traditional healers, he did not seek help from eye specialists. He was too poor to travel the 2-3 days it would take to get to a hospital or to pay for the eye care.

Eventually the infection worsened and he lost the eye. Then a cataract in his right eye robbed him entirely of his vision.

His wife had cared for him faithfully ever since the accident, leading him by the hand, guiding him to his food, taking him to the washroom and looking after all of his needs. She brought him to the camp in the hope of restoring his sight. You could see in her face the heavy burden she carried.

Ram received cataract surgery. Afterward he was carried to his friend’s home to spend the night, waiting and hoping for a new life.

The moment the eye patch was taken off he was able to see his wife’s face. While his was a quiet happiness, she was clearly thrilled. Her ecstatic smile showed how relieved and happy she was that both of them had regained their independence and dignity. She told us that she was so pleased that she would not have to lead him everywhere including to the washroom!


When you give one person back their sight, you give at least two people back their lives.

Most of the world’s 39 million blind live in the developing world, and could have their sight restored if care was brought to them. A 15-minute cataract surgery costing just $50 can transform a life forever.

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