LGBTQ rights are human rights

Members of the LGBTQ communities continue to face challenges every day.

From homophobic and transphobic language and behavior in the workplace, housing, healthcare or service, to increasing isolation as we age, to the challenges faced by newcomers to Canada who have escaped from violence and persecution in other countries—our communities encounter very real barriers to living their authentic lives and being free from discrimination and harassment.

The 519’s Education and Training team provides organizations with the insight, tools and understanding to create environments that are LGBTQ-inclusive, respectful and welcoming.

Book a tailored training opportunity for your organization. Call 416-355-6798. For 40 years, The 519, Canada’s largest LGBTQ (lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered/queer) community centre, has been at the forefront of advancing LGBTQ equality and inclusion in Toronto and beyond.

Through our unique community programs and social services—including dedicated programs for LGBTQ newcomers and refugees, queer and trans families, older LGBTQ adults and people who are trans—we strive to make a real difference in people’s lives through our commitment to the health, happiness and full participation of our LGBTQ communities.

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