Knowledge is Power

Journalism for Human Rights (JHR) is a unique Canadian charity that helps reporters in some of the world’s most challenging places cover local issues to raise human rights awareness and improve people’s lives.

From the D.R. Congo to South Sudan to Syrian refugee camps in Jordan, JHR-trained journalists are exposing human rights abuses, and sharing people’s stories — stories that would otherwise never be told. Once the public becomes aware of these concerns, they can begin to talk about them and mobilize for change.

For example, JHR was able to stop the sexual abuse of children in a refugee camp in Ghana by exposing how one of its orphanages was forcing refugee girls into prostitution. Philip and Karim, reporters at CITI FM, worked with JHR trainer to investigate the story and interview the refugee girls. When the story hit the airwaves in Ghana, people were outraged and demanded action. Three days later police officers arrested three people for child abuse, and placed the girls into safe homes.

Since 2002, JHR has worked in 21 countries, has partnered with hundreds of media organizations, and trained more than 12, 500 journalists whose stories have reached more than 50 million people.

However, to ensure their valuable work continues JHR needs your help.
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