Ending Global Poverty Begins with Women’s Rights

We live in a rich world, but sadly not an equal one. Today, being a woman on this planet makes you more likely to be poor, to experience violence, and to be affected most in times of economic or environmental crisis.

Oxfam works in over 90 countries around the world to change this. We know that women and girls aren’t just the faces of poverty — they are also the key to overcoming it. We help women become full and equal members in their communities and societies and influence others to respect that. We are a movement that won’t live with poverty. And we won’t stop until we’ve seen an end to poverty for good. This year on International Women’s Day, you can take a stand for women’s rights and help build a better future together.

You can join the conversation at: oxfamcanada.ca

Photo credit – Women’s rights leader, Guwahati, India (Photo: Oxfam Canada)

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