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Great Escape to Historic Cuba

Great Escape to Historic Cuba Cuba remains one of the most popular international travel destinations for Canadian travellers. Beyond the spectacular beaches, Cuba boasts many allures including nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites — [...]

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Welcome to Jamaica

Welcome to Jamaica Vibrant Heart Of The Caribbean Alluring sunscapes, lush mountain backdrops, friendly people, spicy flavours and island beats make Jamaica the vibrant heart of the Caribbean and one of the top [...]

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Barbados An Island Of Luxury

Barbados An Island Of Luxury With its white sandy beaches and gorgeous Caribbean climate, Barbados is truly an island of luxury. The island provides today’s traveller the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into [...]

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Cuba Your Home Away From Home

Cuba Your Home Away From Home The love affair between Canada and Cuba is nothing new. For decades we have escaped the cold clutches of winter and found refuge on Cuba’s sunny shores. [...]

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