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Hope After Tragedy – Petra Nemcova

Photos By Navesh Chitrakar Hope After Tragedy - Petra Němcová World-renowned supermodel Petra Němcová has graced the pages of some of the most popular publications on the planet. Donning the covers of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Sports Illustrated, and featured in campaigns with luxury brands such as Chopard, Tumi, and Mercedes, this Czech born fashion icon is synonymous with all that is glamorous. However in 2004, a personal tragedy would forever change the [...]

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Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity Canada

Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity Canada Few memories evoke a sense of nostalgia quite like those of your childhood home. Warm, welcoming and inviting, this was a place where you always felt safe and secure. As adults we strive to give our kids the carefree upbringing they deserve, unfortunately reality is far less idyllic for the 1.6 million families living in substandard housing. Since 1976 Habitat for Humanity International has made it [...]

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Raising Hope For Congo… Robin’s Passionate Journey

Raising Hope For Congo… Robin’s Passionate Journey As people around the world become more mindful of the raw materials and labour that go into our electronics, jewelry, and other products, consumers have come to expect accountability for human rights violations. Savvy consumers of cell phones, laptops, music players and digital cameras have become increasingly aware of the situation in eastern Congo, where the deadliest conflict since World War II continues today. The conflict [...]

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Unicef: Goal of a Lifetime

Goal of a Lifetime: David Beckham Kicks Up Support for Children in Swaziland This summer, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham travelled to Swaziland. Known for its wilderness reserves, it’s not the safaris that brought the soccer superstar to this small, landlocked country in Southern Africa. It’s the high HIV prevalence rate – the highest in the world, in fact. To mark his tenth anniversary as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, David Beckham teamed up with [...]

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The Hawn Foundation

HELPING CHILDREN THRIVE IN LEARNING & IN LIFE Today our children grow up in a world very different than the one we experienced in our youth. From an early age they are forced to navigate a fast-paced lifestyle where they are overscheduled, overextended and overwhelmed. Grappling with unattainable expectations of perfectionism, there is an enormous amount of pressure on our young people. Unfortunately these children aren’t being given the skills they need to develop personal resilience, so many of them end [...]

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Invictus Games: Unconquered Warriors

Invictus Games: Unconquered Warriors For the brave men and women in service, the vestiges of war can linger long after the call of duty is over. Their physical and psychological wounds act as daily reminders of the trauma they suffered, and the sacrifice they have made for their country. Most of us will never know the horrors these unsung heroes have experienced, or will have to grapple with the life-altering consequences that follow. This is [...]

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Prince William Shines A Light On Tusk’s Heroes

Prince William Shines A Light On Tusk’s Heroes The atmosphere was nothing short of electric this past September, as guests and nominees arrived at the Royal Society in London for a black-tie dinner to celebrate the Tusk Conservation Awards. Though it must be said the international press corps gathered at the entrance to this most esteemed venue were, perhaps like many of those attending, most eager to see the Duke and Duchess of [...]

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David Hearn: Drive-ing Progress for Change

Drive-ing Progress for Change Legendary Canadian golfer, David Hearn has had a long and successful career spanning several professional tours.  After playing in Canada and Asia early in his career, this Brantford, native broke through in 2004, winning on both PGA Tour Canada and the Tour.  Over a decade later, Hearn shows no signs of slowing down. In fact in 2015 alone, he collected eight Top 25 finishes, including four Top 10 [...]

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Jack Hanna – Helping people helps animals

Helping people helps animals By Jack Hanna Rwanda is a beautiful country with an amazing spirit. I first visited its lush jungles in 1984 to see the majestic and endangered mountain gorillas. I instantly fell in love with the people and wildlife of Rwanda. Since that first adventure, my wife Suzi and I have returned almost every year; Rwanda has become a second home. As a young boy I was enamored with animals, and [...]

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Unicef – Reaching children in crisis

  Reaching children in crisis Less than a week after her appointment as UNICEF Ambassador international film star Audrey Hepburn saw UNICEF’s life-saving work reaching children in crisis. It was March 1988 and after years of drought, hunger crises and civil war, Ethiopia was one of the most difficult places on earth to be a child - millions of lives were at risk. While in Ethiopia Ms. Hepburn saw UNICEF-assisted health clinics, feeding programmes, [...]

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