Tips For Travelling Around The Holidays

Tips For Travelling Around The Holidays Written by: Felicia Mangiardi It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also the most busiest especially for those who are travelling.  Here are some tips to help make your holiday travels go as smooth as possible. Pack light   Pack as light as you can, bring a carry on and an extra empty luggage (for all the gifts you will be [...]

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Things You Should Know When You Travel

Things You Should Know When You Travel Written by: Felicia Mangiardi Passport Backup This is an important rule but often forgotten. Make a few copies of your passport. Give a copy of your passport to someone you trust back home, and keep a copy with you at all times or in a safe place in your hotel room. If your passport gets lost or stolen at least you have a copy [...]

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3 Destinations You Have To Go To This Winter

3 Destinations You Have To Go To This Winter Written by: Felicia Mangiardi Dubai, United Arab Emirates Hear us out! The best time to visit the costly Dubai, United Arab Emirates is actually during the winter months because prices are cheaper and the temperature isn't to hot! Enjoy the breathtaking beaches along the Persian Gulf, or switch it up with indoor skiing inside the Ski Dubai Mall of the Emirates. If [...]

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Getaways For Those Who Prefer The Cold

Getaways For Those Who Prefer The Cold Written by: Felicia Mangiardi Jasper Alberta Enjoy the the winter season in ways you never thought possible. Jasper is surrounded by snowcapped mountains, clear skies and breathtaking views that will make any photographers dreams come true. Imagine, for a second, marvelling at the Canadian Rockies while skiing down 86 runs and 3,000 vertical feet of diverse terrain at Marmot Basin. Does that [...]

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Top 10 Travel Products of 2017

Top 10 Travel Products of 2017 Written by: Jessica Kuepfer This year, companies produced new solutions for lost luggage, exploring unknown routes in a new city and the ability to charge your devices no matter where you are. Essentially, they have provided the answer to a less stressful trip to your next destination. We have narrowed down the products to the top 10 items of 2017 below. Wearsafe [...]

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Whisky and Wine and the Greatest Hockey Player of All Time

WHISKY AND WINE AND THE GREATEST HOCKEY PLAYER OF ALL TIME  Written by: Brandon Sousa Niagara-on-the-Lake has always been the birthplace of Ontario’s best wine. With rich soil and expert wine makers, this region is known for a great glass of vinho. Which is why, it’s no surprise that the greatest hockey player of all time was attracted to this region to launch Wayne Gretzky Estates. You may first be [...]

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Luxury Camping at its Finest

Luxury Camping at its Finest Written by: Brandon Sousa About an hour and a half from the heart of Toronto is a hidden gem, sitting on 150 acres in Northumberland, Ontario. This gem, Whispering Springs, is family-owned luxury camping resort that offers luxurious safari-tent accommodations on their beautiful, natural grounds with all the amenities you crave for your vacation away from chaos. I began my stay by venturing out [...]

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Holiday Gifts for the Traveler on Your List

Holiday Gifts for the Traveler on Your List Written by: Jessica Kuepfer We know that buying for someone with wanderlust can be hard. Those who travel frequently often travel light, leaving behind many of the thoughtful gifts that are given over the holiday season. Thankfully, we have taken the guess work out of this year’s shopping list and have curated a collection of gifts that are as beautiful as they are functional for [...]

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Top 3 Winter Getaways in Canada That Will Change Your Opinion on Winter! 

Top 3 Winter Getaways in Canada That Will Change Your Opinion on Winter! Written by: Felicia Mangiardi Who says winter is no fun? These 3 places in Canada will most definitely change your mind! View and experience things you never thought possible! From climbing frozen waterfalls, to enjoying the warmth of a hot tub in the middle of the winter, or snowmobiling through soaring forests. Jasper- Alberta [...]

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USA Road Trips From Toronto

USA Road Trips from Toronto Written by: Emily De Sousa As the fall season quickly approaches, now is the perfect time to hop in the car for a last minute road trip with friends before mother nature sends the snow our way. Instead of taking a road trip within Canada, why not get a little more exotic and pay our friends in the south a visit? One weekend is the perfect amount [...]

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