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Great Escape To Historic Cuba

Great Escape To Historic Cuba&lt Cuba remains one of the most popular international travel destina­tions for Canadian travellers. Beyond the spectacular beaches, Cuba boasts many allures including nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites - that's more than any other island in the Caribbean! Much of Cuba's rich heritage and culture has remained the same. Here are two of the most fascinating and historic places to explore. Santiago de Cuba - Santiago de Cuba, the [...]

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Motion Sickness 101

Motion Sickness 101 WHY IT'S SO DEVASTATING When it hits, motion sickness is upsetting for you and your loved ones, disrupting events, your travel plans and dreams. Dealing with symptoms like nausea, dizziness, vomiting or headache can be personally embarrassing and worrisome for those travelling with you. WHAT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING Motion sickness is a common occurrence for many people during travel. The continuous, slow and prolonged motion on boats and in vehicles increases [...]

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Country Colours and County Harvests Only In Clarington

Country Colours and County Harvests Only In ClaringtonAre you looking for a fall escape, to embrace the vibrant colours, enjoy some country air and sample the bounty of the harvest? Look no further than Clarington. Located just 45 minutes east of Toronto, along the shores of Lake Ontario, Clarington offers the perfect getaway. Take a scenic drive through our countryside, or a hike along one of our many trails, explore the waterfront and take [...]

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Travel Insurance Plans What’s the Difference?

Travel Insurance Plans What’s the Difference? CAA Members always save 10% on CAA Travel Insurance. No one ever expects to need emergency medical care while on vacation. Happily, most Canadians play it safe by ensuring they have travel insurance before they leave home. But with employer group benefits, credit card coverage and private plans, it’s become confusing to know which plan covers what. So do your research before your next getaway. Employee Plans [...]

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Celebrate with Hotel Clarendon

Celebrate with Hotel Clarendon TThis year, Canada marked its 150th anniversary with exciting live events and celebrations across the country. Though the year end draws closer, there’s no reason why the festivities can’t continue. Keep the Canada 150 celebrations going strong this fall with a visit to Hotel Clarendon — the patriarch of Canadian hotels. Established in 1870, Hotel Clarendon is the oldest operating hotel in Quebec City. Every inch of this remarkable [...]

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The Unifying Power Of Music

The Unifying Power Of Music COLDPLAY HELPS OXFAM INSPIRE PEOPLE TO STAND AS ONE WITH REFUGEES BY SHIRLEE ENGEL Photo Credit : Coldplay/R42. “As a band, we’re really proud to have had Oxfam on the road with us,” Martin said. “It’s given our incredible fans the chance to show their support for [Oxfam’s] campaigns.” Ellen Lainez is living proof of what can happen when a refugee is given a chance. She fled to [...]

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The World’s Fair At Rockton

The World’s Fair At Rockton After the big event, host Andrew Kernighan (1820–1913) and a group of newspaper men reminisced about the successful 1878 Fair, all agreeing that there was no finer a fair in the province of Ontario. Jokingly, Jane Kernighan (1837-1920) said it should be called the World’s Fair since all the world comes to visit. The newspaper editors and journalists agreed and the next day each of the newspapers titled [...]

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Fresh Ideas For Fall Entertaining

Fresh Ideas For Fall Entertaining As our daily routines shift from summer fun to back to school, sweaters and fall fashion and the beautiful colours the leaves are beginning to turn, our plates may reflect the heartier menu items of autumn. Luckily, due to the bountiful fall produce available in Ontario, this doesn’t mean that our fall entertaining ideas will sacrifice freshness. Our friends at the St. Lawrence Market are experts at keeping [...]

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Inside Kingston Pen

Inside Kingston Pen This fall, take the short trip to Kingston for a truly authentic experience behind the towering walls of Canada’s oldest and most notorious maximum security prison in Kingston, Ontario. Built in the early 1830’s and operating until 2013, there are few places as mysterious as Kingston Pen. Once home to some of Canada’s most famous inmates, today guests are invited to venture deep into the heart of this remarkable prison [...]

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Savour Stratford’s Culinary Arts And Culture

Savour Stratford’s Culinary Arts And Culture First-time visitors are drawn to Stratford’s renowned arts scene, and many return for the impressive culinary scene bursting with innovative chef offerings from farm to fork. Dine in chic restaurants and casual cafés or shop open air farmers’ markets filled with the season’s freshest bounty. Continue your food quest on the wild side foraging for mushrooms and wild ginger. Savour the many flavours of pumpkin on our [...]

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