Gorgeous, stunning, of an expansive nature…all this is said time and again as people discover the Interlake area of Manitoba. Long known as a “gem” to locals, but a hidden one to others, this area will enchant you.

Want to greet the day watching a pink streaked sunrise over Lake Winnipeg? Grab your morning coffee and do just that! If you’re more interested in glorious golden sunsets followed by star studded nights, you’re in luck; we have plenty of those too. Whether you are taking it all in over Lake Manitoba on the west side, from the east shore of Lake Winnipeg, or from the shore of the mighty north Red River, a Canadian Heritage river, you’re bound to be inspired.

No matter the season, with these two massive lakes and the Red River, water is intrinsic to this part of Manitoba. It’s our lifeblood! Water, has long drawn artisans to the area, it nurtures, it inspires. Water activities abound with boating, fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, wind surfing, sailing in summer with kite-boarding, snowmobiling, along with the “winter communities” of fishers.

Our waters are not only loved by humans, but also a wide variety of wildlife. Being on the flyway for migration means the Interlake is a bird lover’s paradise. With luck and good planning you may be able to check off a number of species on your birding list. Only 20 minutes north of the City of Winnipeg, you’ll find Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre, an International wildlife sanctuary where over 300 species of birds can be seen a season — some on their way north to nest in cooler areas, some that stay for our dryer and warmer weather. In fall, the sky is black and darkened by the hundreds that fly in to feed before continuing on their way, and if you go west along the shores of Lake Manitoba, you can hear a symphony of songs from as many as 200 species of birds.

A visit to the stunning limestone cliffs of Steep Rock, located north on Highway 6, will make you forget you are in the prairies. Most of Manitoba was a former lake bed of the ancient glacial Lake Agassiz, making the terrain unusual, from excellent farm land to rocky terrain.

At Hecla Provincial Park not only will you find a stunningly beautiful island rich with Icelandic culture and heritage, you’ll discover a family and pet-friendly hotel, water slide, and an adult-only side with pools and more. Along with Hecla, Riverton, Arborg and Gimli the Icelandic roots run deep in stories of courage and determination by their ancestors. The friendships with the Indigenous peoples made their lives safer and better after landing on the shores of our inland ocean.

A strong Scottish, Orkney link is here, tied to the Hudson’s Bay Company and the fur trade with Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site, a massive stone reminder of those times. This is one of the most intact forts in Canada, a must-see for history buffs! Awaken the past as you explore the stone churches and houses that remain as symbols of the talents of the stonemasons.

Indigenous heritage is woven throughout the region too, as they made life possible for many of the settlers, aiding them, teaching them, and now building experiences that showcase their own unique culture and love of the land. We are in Treaty 1, 2 & 5 territory here.

Come, walk on our water, explore cliffs, caves, see wildlife, hear the birds, experience ethnic foods and culture, gaze upon a star filled sky on a moon lite night, and see auroras dancing in our northern skies. Whenever you arrive, no matter the season, your welcome will be one of joy and pleasure as we share our Interlake Inland Oceans with you!