Colombia’s world record diversity in nature has captivated the attention of wildlife lovers. Its cultural wealth, inherited by a legacy of 87 millenarian indigenous communities blended with the African and Spanish influences of the colonial times, translates into the fascinating expressions of architecture, gastronomy, arts and music.

It’s no secret that music is a powerful force capable of communicating at different levels. It has the capacity of enhancing any experience and turning it into a personal and memorable journey.

If you think that being the number 1 country worldwide in bird species or orchids is spectacular, try enjoying the 1025 rhythms that Colombia offers throughout its 5 regions and the many different events that showcase the different landscapes, flavours and sounds of Colombia, Land of Sabrosura.

Blacks and Whites Carnival: Locals in Pasto — a city in the south of Colombia — paint their faces black one day and white the next, to show we are all equal in this celebration that is part of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage.

Cartagena Classic Music Festival: The hill of La Popa, the Fortress of San Felipe, the Adolfo Mejia Theatre, and the Getsemani Auditorium are some of the venues where the musical works of the most renowned composers in history are performed for residents and visitors of Cartagena.

The Barranquilla Carnival is the second largest in the world and has been declared by UNESCO “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.” It takes place six weeks prior to Easter and is probably the best party in Colombia. The pre-carnival starts in mid-January with a series of street celebrations including dances, processions, and parades. The festivities attract about 500 folk groups, international artists, and just about everyone in Barranquilla.

Stereo Picnic Bogota is a music festival featuring genres like electronic, rock and pop.

Iberoamerican Theater Festival: Every two years performers from all over the world take over the stages, streets and venues of Bogota to showcase the best plays.

Festival of the Vallenato Legend: In Valledupar, a week-long festival celebrating this local folklore music which has been made popular worldwide by Carlos Vives, among others.

The Flower Fair: During the first week of August the streets of Medellin are flooded with flowers, and there are many activities planned for a week-long celebration.

Petronio Alvarez Music Festival:  Held in August, this event attracts local and international bands that play Pacific indigenous music.

Jazz takes over Colombia with events all over the country: Jazz at the Park (Bogota), Barranquillazz (Barranquilla), Pastojazz (Pasto), Ajazzgo (Cali), Medejazz(Medellin)

World Salsa Festival: Every September famous bands and about 5,000 dancers from all of the salsa dance schools in the city of Cali join dance academies from other Colombian cities and abroad.

Lively rhythms can be heard at Mompox Jazz Festival, where national and international musicians offer the best of their repertoire.

Cali Fair: After Christmas the celebrations continue for a week of salsa dancing, concerts and other activities.

Photo by Miguel Garzon  |  Canto a la Tierra Parade.

Photo by Medellin Convention Bureau | Flower Festival