The RoboGolfPro is the new robotic teaching system that helps golfers both seasoned and new find their perfect swing. The RoboGolfPro lets the instructor show you, the golfer, the perfectly efficient, ergonomic, and physically correct golf swing for your ability and physique. With the robot, you hold onto your club and the robot guides you through the corrected swing — repeatedly — each time going slightly faster. When you try to fall back on your old habits, the robot resists and forces you to follow through each component of your golf swing, building and enforcing muscle memory. With the RoboGolfPro, your instructor can have the power to record your swing, correct it on a PC using specialized software, and then give your swing back to you perfected.

At every location, the RoboGolfPro is revolutionizing golf instruction and is an investment in the future of the sport. The electronically controlled robot goes further than all known teaching aids as the engineers have achieved a symbiosis of theory and practice. It combines the knowledge and experience of golf instructors from golf academies, resorts, and training facilities to deliver the most efficient service for its students.

Robo Golf Pro Comes to Canada – At Glen Abbey Golf Club in Oakville, ON

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  • Pebble Beach Golf Academy, CA
  • Del Mar Country Club, San Diego, CA
  • TourBound Academy, Chicago, IL
  • TourBound Academy, Seattle, WA
  • The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
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