Dive into the Deep Blue : BONAIRE

In this pristine Caribbean destination, you can’t help but walk a little bit slower, take deep breaths, and sit back while you take in Bonaire’s unhurried pace of life. But what’s most enticing about this tropical oasis is its underwater world, full of incredible sights waiting to be explored. The newest addition to Sunwing’s roster of vacation hotspots, this exclusive destination is also one of most popular for diving enthusiasts — home to 86 dive sites, a number of top-rated resorts that offer PADI dive centres right on site, and a number of value-added dive packages available.


You’ll find incredible beauty in Bonaire’s nature and wildlife — including 350 different fish species — as the island has a strong commitment to sustainable eco-preservation practices. In fact, it’s the home base to the Coral Restoration Foundation. What’s special about this destination is that it truly caters to divers of all skills levels, from the beginner shore divers to the advanced deep-sea divers. Many of the PADI dive centres offer 24/7 diving, and the island has the most dive sites accessible by shore. But if you’re looking to explore the deeper blue, there are frequent boat trips to favourite dive sites.


Those wishing to be close to the downtown scene while still enjoying a relaxing environment may wish to stay at the Divi Flamingo Resort and Casino; while divers and non-divers alike can opt for the inclusive Plaza Beach Resort, where snorkellers can explore the colourful coral reefs nearby. Diving enthusiasts will surely enjoy Buddy Dive Resort and its solid blend of action and relaxation, as well as the newly-built Delfins Beach Resort that caters to groups with one or two bedroom studios for a comfortable stay.


Great adventures also await on land, from hiking and cycling, to birdwatching and exploring caves. Visitors can hike up the island’s tallest peak, Brandaris Mountain, for stunning ocean views. Venture to Goto Lake, home to numerous pink flamingo flocks; Rincon City, the island’s oldest settlement; and Sorobon Beach, one of the fave spots for windsurf practice in the Caribbean.

Or, relax in the diminutive and colourful capital, Kralendijk, with its waterfront restaurants, well-preserved architecture and bustling market. Bonaire prides itself on sustainable tourism practices, so you can feel good while you’re relaxing on vacation.

So if you’re keen to dive in and explore Bonaire, you can easily do so as Sunwing offers the only weekly direct connection to this relatively undiscovered tropical gem, with departures every Sunday until spring of 2018.