Top Festivals & Tours to do this Summer & Fall in Canada

Written by: Felicia Mangiardi

Festivals are always an easy and inexpensive way to have some fun, meet new people, get close to your community, experience delicious foods, and appreciate fine art and culture. There is a festival for just about anything, whether it’s to celebrate a genre of music or a specific food like butter tarts. Here is a list of some of the epic festivals and tours in Canada you should consider attending.

Beer Around the Bay

Calling out all beer lovers! The title says it all. Experience Simcoe’s award winning beers and visit breweries in Collingwood, Wasaga Beach and Clearview Township. They even have a Beer Bus all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your beer with some on-board snacks, refreshments and a guided tour. 

Guelph Jazz Festival

Jazz it up! This year the Guelph Jazz Festival is featuring many renowned international and national artists such as Sandcatchers, BassDrumBone, John Butcher, Thomas Lehn and more, all in the historic downtown core of Guelph.

The Blyth Festival

Enjoy plays, comedies, history and musicals at the Blyth Festival. Blyth is renowned across the country, houses original plays and allows Canadian play-writers to thrive. The Blyth Centre of Art also showcases three professional exhibits and is located in the heart of Ontario farm country. You’ll be entertained all day and night long!

Devour! The Food Film Fest

The Devour! Food and Film Festival has grown to become one of the largest annual event in Wolfville and Kings County. There is a lot going on during this festival so lets break it down. Last year there was 94 events, 80 new food and wine films, 24 workshops, 20 tasting tours and 20 dinner parties and events. Celebrities and chefs don’t shy away from attending this festival either. This years festival theme is a Celebration of Canada Cinemas and Cuisine in honour of Canada’s 150th Birthday! Films and food? Yes please!

Carrot Fest

The Carrot Fest has been awarded as a Top 100 Festival from Festivals and Events Ontario. This festival impacts community pride, and is a host to a large variety of vendors with space for over 300 retailers. The Carrot Festival has a stage for entertainment and has fun-filled events for everyone including families, kids, adults and seniors.

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival

The story behind this one is truly inspiring and this year the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival is celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday. If you are an art lover you will truly appreciate this festival. You can enjoy the art and or purchase it, you can walk the paths of the peaceful woodland park, and enjoy some delicious food. There is even a youth art display and activity zone for kids.

Butter Tart Tour

Yes a Butter Tart Tour.

This is a self guided tour with over 50 bakeries from across Kawarthas Northumberland region participating. These bakers have created what they considered to be a true Canadian flavoured tart to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday creating a ‘Canadian Collection’ of tarts. Some of these Canadian flavours include the Nanaimo Bar Butter Tart, Maple Bacon Goat Cheese Butter Tart, the Maple Ice Wine Butter Tart, and more! My mouth is seriously watering. But wait …there’s more. Kawarthas Northumberland is hosting their annual Butter Tart Taste-Off where bakers will compete for the tastiest tart title in five different categories.