Preserving and Sharing Our History

The memories we make when travelling are amongst our most prized possessions. Photographs, videotapes, film…we LOVE to document our adventures and share them with family and friends. In 2017 this is an especially easy thing to do now that most devices are digital but what about all those analogue memories from the last 10 to 50+ years!? Over the last 5 years we have processed more than 15,000 client orders and an overwhelming amount of this content has been devoted to travel — 35mm SLIDES and NEGATIVES, 8mm and 16mm FILM, print PHOTOS and ALBUMS, not to mention all of those different formats of camcorder VIDEO tapes. Given the rapid evolution of technology over these last 25 years it has become a great struggle to simply access this content and practically impossible to share it. This was our family’s challenge 10 years ago and in the process of solving this problem we ended up building a business that could do this for all those other families that kept reaching out for help. Your memories are priceless and we treat them as such.

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