Canada 150 See The Wonders That Harmony Can Bring

Diversity in Canada is a growing reality. Inclusion is how we make that work. We do this by ensuring that everyone is respected and given the opportunity to be involved. Diversity is a fact, but inclusion is a call to action where each of us has to make that choice.

Throughout our dialogues and work across the country, the Canadian Race Relations Foundation has seen that, now more than ever, we can and must rally around what unites us —shared values such as respect for human rights and freedoms, equality and civility, and kindness and compassion. These values are the building blocks of a harmonious and cohesive country.

In this Canada’s 150th year as Canadians from all backgrounds will be reflecting on our past and celebrating our country’s future, we will have the opportunity to reach out and better understand those who live beside us. Let us take that opportunity to build an inclusive Canada, and in celebration of the 150th year, get out and explore this country; and as we do, see the wonders that harmony can bring.

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation is committed to choosing inclusion, as the key building block for our collective future. We invite you to join our efforts. Visit us at