A Steady Companion

Help Us Prevent Child Abuse

When a child finds the courage to disclose abuse, they must par­ticipate in a forensic interview to determine what happened. Child abuse investigators are specially trained to interview children and to ask questions in a thoughtful and respectful way. Even still, this process can be very stressful for a child. When asked to recount a traumatic event, many children experience re-traumatization in describing this experience to a stranger. When charges are laid, the child will then need to testify in court where they will be asked those same, very personal, sometimes intimate questions.

Having an Accredited Facility Dog present for the interview and during a child’s testimony can be a source of comfort to the child and can help to reduce their stress and anxiety. When relaxed, children are better able to describe what they saw or experienced.

This spring, Boost Child & Youth Advocacy Centre (Boost CYAC) will become the guardian of two Accredited Facility Dogs. Through National Service Dogs, Boost CYAC will receive two highly-trained dogs that will provide comfort and support to children and youth who attend our programs and for those testifying in court.

In addition to housing Toronto’s Child & Youth Advocacy Centre, Boost CYAC offers a number of services including: primary prevention; public education; trauma assessment and therapy; and court preparation to more than 1,000 children annually.

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