One of Canada’s best kept secrets Black Loyalist Heritage Centre

Travel back in time to unearth an important piece of Canadian history at the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre. This historic site transports you to Nova Scotia in the late 18th century to tell the story of the world’s largest free African population outside of Africa.

Located on a stunning two-acre property overlooking Shelburne Harbour, the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre offers an extraordinary opportunity to walk in the footsteps of our ancestors. An impressive new multimedia presentation follows the loyalists on their passage from Africa to the American colonies then to Nova Scotia and back to Africa.

Explore the virtual copy of the Carlton’s Book of Negroes and search for ancestors who may have experienced part of this incredible journey. Discover the historical artifacts that were excavated in Birchtown in the 1990’s in our impressive archaeological pit containing the material evidence of this compelling story. Even enjoy a guided tour led by direct descendants of these courageous Nova Scotians.

Before you leave create a virtual quilt square that will tell us about your experience and how this story has impacted you, and explore Birchtown’s historic buildings and the National Monument commemorating the Black Loyalist Landing in 1783.

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