Relieving the Pain of International Calling

You’ve just come back from a beautiful holiday overseas, complete with a tan, memories, magnificent photos and to your dismay, an extremely inflated bill from your mobile provider. Overpriced roaming costs are becoming a bigger and bigger headache to all travelers, yet seemingly they are unavoidable.

Living in the age of information, we are all addicted to knowing more and needing to stay in touch with our loved ones at all times, even when on the other side of the planet. This is where DOODAD comes in.

A headache free and affordable way to get international data access all over the world, DOODAD is not your typical mobile communication provider. A data-only MVNO, created for the international traveler, provides mobile data in 62 countries and counting. Insert the Doodad SIM card into any unlocked smartphone or tablet, and you will feel more confident as an explorer, whether you are trying to locate the Louvre in Paris or learning more about the architecture of the Taj Mahal as you walk through the main gates into the courtyard.

Functioning solely off of data, DOODAD makes billing easy and cost efficient. Receiving the FREE SIM is as easy as going to the website and for only $3 they will ship you a mini, or micro sized SIM (which can be cut down to a nano) internationally. With SIM card in hand, all that’s left aside is purchasing prepaid credit, known as DOO-DATA, which lasts for 365 days.

What separates DOODAD from the competition is not only the cost efficiency but also the simplicity of it all. As a data-only provider, and charging per MB, the pricing becomes very easy yet the service remains impeccable. The user is able to make calls and send messages buy using third party apps such as; Skype or Viber for calls and BBM or imessage for messaging. For the budget minded traveler, you are able to put a max on how many MB you use per day, as many people aren’t sure how much usage an MB is, using up all of the data you purchased for your entire trip will not be an issue.

Be sure to get your DOODAD in time for your next trip from, and allow your eyes to see more of the world in front of you, by having it in the palm of your hand.